Tried Acupuncture Jacksonville Beach?

One comment I often hear is "I've always wondered about acupuncture, but never tried it".  Well, why haven't you?

Acupuncture has been around for over 5000 years.  This pre-dates modern/Western medicine.  Many Western medicine practitioners (this includes MD's, DO's, PA's, nurses, and physical therapist) will not endorse, recommend, or even consent to their patients giving acupuncture a try.  Why not?  Eastern medicine, consisting of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, has continued throughout this time to be life changing for many.  So why has Western medicine not embraced Eastern medicine?  In the European countries, they use both types of medicine to assist their patients.  The benefits of using Eastern medicine to complement Western medicine can be decreased recovery time, increased energy, quicker healing, and overall wellbeing.

What type of patients would benefit the most by using both Eastern and Western medicine?

  • Cancer patients - assisting with relief of symptoms caused by treatments
  • Cardiac patients - good for hypertension and stroke recovery
  • Infertility - acupuncture and Chinese herbs are a wonderful natural way to conceive
  • Chronic pain unresolved by other means
  • Depression - a natural approach to balancing the mind, body, and spirit
  • Diseases - neurological and systemic
  • Injuries - to expedite healing

The biggest thing to remember is that Eastern medicine is a system of healthcare.  You may see relief in one visit, and it may take 6-8 visits.  Once the body is balanced, continued care monthly to quarterly will maintain overall health and well being.  Think of it like this, if you have had chronic back pain for 5 years, one treatment may offer temporary relief.  If you continue with acupuncture for 5 months, you may have total relief.  If you have had a condition for 5 years, allow yourself 5 months to become balanced and find relief.

Check back soon to follow more in depth discussion about acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and the patients we can help!

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