The Nautilus


We picked the nautilus because it exemplifies our belief of unleashing potential in order to change your health and change your life. This painting is used with permission by the artist, ev cabrera marinucci. The title of the work is: bisected chambered nautilus.

Ev was an amazing woman. When we told her we wanted to buy a large print for our office and asked her permission to use her painting in our marketing - she told us her story (which she told us is alright to tell - and in our opinion, worth telling).

Ev revealed she had stage 4 breast cancer and she always appreciated nice art work in a place of healing and it was pretty rare in doctors offices. When we sent her photos of our finished office and her painting, in the center of our waiting room, she was thrilled and honored.

She lived every day with an undying passion for life and her love for creating art. When she couldn't walk outside to her studio, she asked her husband to bring her ability to paint to her and transformed her living room into an artist space. When she lost the ability to see clearly, she began creating pottery and textures. She always had a sense of humor and yet was honest about the reality of her life.

Ev's lust for life lives on every time someone smiles at her artwork which happens every day in our office. Her creative eye for beauty and love of creation will be with us always.