Energy Kinesiology

Who Benefits from Energy Kinesiology?

  • Those who want to remove emotional blocks that impede healthy relationships with themselves and with others
  • Those who seek to defuse stress-related imbalances that have manifested into physical symptoms and behavior patterns
  • Those who understand the importance of unifying mind, body and spirit to truly create the desired changes in their life

Kinesiology provides a means of eliciting information directly from the body. It determines the source of a condition and most direct path to restore balance and health. This is done through a gentle touch and simple muscle testing.

Life events and challenges often bring about a “disconnect” from the present, triggering a survival response that remains unresolved and often unidentified. We become stuck in these behaviors long after the events have passed. Through Kinesiology, we will help you to defuse the past and become a conscious participant in re-establishing healthy connections to life in the present moment.