Our Mission

The Jacksonville Beaches Acupuncture and Wellness Center Mission:

Improve the wellness of humanity one individual at a time for the purpose of revitalizing their health naturally, while educating them, so they in turn, can educate others.

Our Philosophy

  • Recognize the healing power of nature. We recognize the innate resilience of the human body to heal itself and work to support this inherent natural healing ability.
  • Do no harm. We practice only natural therapies designed to enhance healing and produce wellness.
  • Identify the cause. Illness does not occur without cause and symptoms are not the cause of illness. We seek to identify and correct the root cause.
  • Involve the total person. We are aware that a person has a physical, spiritual and emotional component to their health. We strive to support all components of health.
  • Teach rather than treat. The original meaning of the word “doctor” was “teacher”. Our principal responsibility is to educate and encourage self-responsibility for health.
  • Prevent Disease. We advise clients on simple, yet effective, disease prevention principles that are designed to produce optimal health.