migraines and trauma

migraineThe original meaning of the word doctor is teacher. We are dedicated to educating and empowering our patients, the public and humanity as a whole during our lifelong journey as a student of Chinese Medicine.

In the last 24 hours I have had three people ask, "will acupuncture help with migraines?"


Any western diagnosis can be broken down into a Chinese Medicinal perspective and we treat accordingly. When dealing with people who have experienced multiple migraines (perhaps for over a decade!) the first question is: when did they start? If there was a physical or emotional trauma around the timeframe when the migraines surfaced it could be the body's way of slowing down the damage was to reverse the flow of energy in the meridians. (Meridians are the channels by which "qi" or vital life force or energy is carried throughout the body.) It is very common for energy to either get blocked or for it to reverse completely as a means of self-preservation during stressful times.

It could be that in just a few simple acupuncture treatments the dis-ease experienced by migraines could be pacified and with seasonal treatments prescription pills to prevent these terrible life-enterruptors are no longer needed or the fear of a future looming migraine subsides and is let go... forever.

Does acupuncture help with... Yes.

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