Herbal Medicine

Who Benefits from Chinese Herbal Medicine?

  • Those who want to promote healthy living and well-being on a daily basis with a convenient and cost effective approach
  • Those who want to change a previous approach to ongoing medical issues due to a lack of results
  • Those who want to eliminate potential harmful side effects from often prescribed drugs

For several thousand years Chinese Medicine has been evolving through continual refinement and clinical application to become a comprehensive system of medicine. Classical Chinese Medicine involves both the use of Acupuncture and holistic healing with Chinese Herbs. These classic traditions promote well-being while understanding how disease progresses throughout the body and provides an opportunity to support lasting health by simultaneously addressing the symptom at its root cause. People maintain health and develop symptoms in an uniquely individual way. Therefore, our intention is to treat the individual rather than just the symptoms.

Since no two people are exactly alike, we maintain a full Chinese herbal pharmacy with over 300 individual herbs and provide customized herbal formulas in an easy to use granular form. 

The results are amazing.

chinese herbal medicine treatments jacksonville beach

our chinese herbal pharmacy

All herbs and medicinals are compliant with FDA and GMP regulations and have passed the industry’s most rigorous testing standards and inspection process to assure they are free from any pesticide, heavy metals or other contaminants.

Available for patients in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Palm Valley, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and St Augustine.